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Every athlete is familiar with sports injuries and the frequency at which injury happens in sports. Though injuries are super common in the sports world, they can sometimes be prevented by being careful and following few protective measures.

Sports injuries sometimes occur due to accidents, but other injuries can happen due to the following reasons as well-

  1. Poor training
  2. Excessive training
  3. Improper and inadequate training facilities
  4. Holding incorrect posture and stretching for long periods

These sports injuries can be healed either by pain treatments at sports injury lower back pain treatment in Lewisville, TX or by availing medical massage therapy services in Lewisville, TX. Whatever be the injury, you must take proper and adequate rest.

9 guidelines to prevent sports injury

1. Be in the proper physical condition before starting.

Before you start warming up and essential exercise, make sure that your body and mind are suitable for starting the practice. You might plug in some calming music or listen to your favorite speaker before starting your daily workout session. By doing this, you will feel positive, motivated, and energized.

2.   Be gentle with your warm-up sessions.

You should always start your warm-ups by doing a mild exercise routine. Practice breathing techniques, a little stretching, cardiovascular exercises for 10-15 minutes. This routine will help you set your body and mind in the right state for workouts and games.

3.    Stretching and workout

Every game needs a different set of exercises, stretching, and workout plans. After the stretching session, your body will be more active and flexible. Poor stretches are among the primary reasons for injuries, primarily pain and muscle tear. If this problem exists, you can go for sports injury lower back pain treatment in Lewisville, TX.

4.   Cool Down

In many sports, workout sessions can go up to hours, like gymnastics. So you should allow your body to cool down and heal. Cooling down will re-energize your body and mind to give 100% in sports. Cooling down brings down your breathing and pulse rate to standard rates. It also heals muscle stiffness and soreness.

5.   Wear the proper protective gear

You should always wear the proper protective gear, even while practicing. You should make sure that the protective gear, gloves, etc., are the right fit for your body. You should not avoid wearing protective gears as these will protect you in your practice sessions. The protective gear consists of face guards, mouthpieces, shoulder pads, helmets, knee pads, and shin pads.

Many times young athletes avoid wearing protective gear. This minor mistake can lead to injuries that can be fatal and life-threatening.

6.   Observe the techniques before practicing

You should observe all the sports techniques with sheer concentration before trying them out. While practicing or learning a new tactic, it is crucial to understand the techniques before. Focus on the posture, hands, and feet before trying it out.

You should also play by the rules because there are reasons why sports have set rules. You should play safe, and even when you suffer mild pain or injury, immediately seek medical attention.

7.   Avoid too much training.

Avoid too much training at once, especially when you have joined the sport after a long break. You should go slow initially, and it is always better to go for medical massage therapy services in Lewisville, TX, after training. This will help you relax your body and mind so that you will be more energized for the next practice session.

8.   Stay Hydrated

Drink a good amount of water and stay hydrated throughout the practice sessions. Even while playing sports, always drink water during the drinks break. The thing to keep in mind is that you should drink water slowly and take small sips. This way, your body will get adequate hydration, and your breathing will be back to normal.

9.   Take proper rest

For any athlete, it is essential to take a rest and follow a routine. You should take breaks between training sessions and follow a routine that will include a diet plan, relaxation, training, workout, etc. You should follow a sleep pattern, allow your body to recover from training sessions.

Take rest and relax before every game to perform exceedingly well in the game. If you want to build a long promising career in any sports with minimal injuries, you must maintain the balance between being gentle and challenging on your body and mind. You should regularly visit for massage therapy and take every pain seriously. If your pain worsens, immediately look for treatment sessions, seek medical help, and try to take therapy sessions to reduce dependence on the medicine.

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