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Massages are the age-old techniques that alleviate pain and relax the whole body. They help in improving blood circulation. People choose different types of massage therapies depending upon the need. Sometimes, people choose massage therapy for relaxation, and other times it is a part of the massage therapy treatment plan in Lewisville, TX, to quickly recover from injuries. If people feel anxious before taking a dot physical exam for CDL in Lewisville, TX, they can go for a relaxing massage session a day before the test.

Massage can be defined as the combination of adding pressure, aroma, oil, heat, stroking, and rubbing to manipulate tissues, muscles, and joints. Regular massage sessions have proven results. More than 50 types of massage are used to choose from; therefore, people often prefer to stick to a massage therapy treatment plan in Lewisville, TX. Each massage has its unique features, but some massages are more popular than other massages. A few of the most popular massages are listed below-

  • Swedish Massage therapy- Swedish Massage is the most popular massage therapy. In this massage therapy, masseurs apply less pressure and follow a soft kneading pattern. They also incorporate rhythmic, light tappings. The Swedish massage is one of the famous massages for muscle relaxation, blood circulation, and infusing energy in the body. Studies proved that Swedish massage therapy could heal lower back pains, muscle pain, etc.

  • Deep Tissue Massage Therapy- Deep tissue massage is best for people who often suffer from stiff muscles. Often after an intense training session, sportspersons complain about stiff muscles. Deep Tissue Massage therapy is one of the therapeutic massages that is mostly used for releasing muscle knots and tensions. Deep tissue massage aims to reach the deep layer of muscle and tissues. The masseur applies pressure on the problem areas and uses a series of slow and firms strokes. Deep tissue massage is the best option for those who over-exert their muscles, have chronic muscle pain, sports injury, and poor posture.

  • Shiatsu Massage Therapy- Shiatsu Massage therapy has originated in Japan. Ancient massage therapy is an alternative to modern medical treatment. The Shiatsu massage focuses on improving the flow of positive energy throughout the body. The masseur puts pressure on acupressure points of the body.  Shiatsu massage is also called finger massage as the massage expert uses fingers to put pressure on the body’s pressure points. No oil or lotion is used on the body, and it is usually done on floor mats.

  • Sports Massage Therapy- As the name suggests, sports massage therapy is a massage therapy developed for the sportsperson. It is designed to add more flexibility, agility and enhance the athletes’ performance. The benefit of sports massage is that athletes can take this massage before, during, and after the training. The massage is also key in healing sports injuries. The work behind sports massage is to manipulate the deep tissues, soft tissues and focus on the muscle set that is mostly used in the particular sports. The therapist uses a combination of strokes, compressions, pressure point therapy, and joint mobilization. It helps in preventing the sports injuries that might happen during the sporting event.

  • Aromatherapy- Aromatherapy is a type of massage that focuses on the overall well-being of the human body. The aromatherapy uses a lot of massage techniques using essential and carrier oils from seeds and flowers. The aroma of different oils helps in curing depression, insomnia, anxiety, etc. For example, Hibiscus oil is used to fight off depression and anxiety. There are different benefits for different essential and carrier oils.

The aromatherapy massage also alleviates muscle pain, reduces headaches, and improves a person’s sleep cycle. Suppose you get anxiety before appearing on physical exams, for example, a dot physical exam for CDL in Lewisville, TX. In that case, an aromatherapy session before the appointment is a good idea.


Massage therapy helps the body in relaxing and stabilizes the mind. People regularly visit massage centers to fight work stress, cure stiff muscles and joint pains. Massage session is very good for athletes as it improves blood circulation and induces peace and calmness.

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